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Buffalo Run

The 2021 Buffalo Run is in the books!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event, despite the hot, smoky morning. The event was a success because of you! Stay tuned for information to come on the 2022 Buffalo Run.

Here’s a look at this year’s results:

½ Marathon

Overall Top Finisher – Male

Paden Alexander, Time: 1:19:23

Overall Top Finisher – Female

Scarlet Kaplan, Time 1:40:30

Male 13 to 18

1st place: Nathaniel Gale, Time 1:22:24

2nd place: Andrew Rush, Time, 1:31:21

3rd place: Robinson Nuila, Time, 1:43:47

Male 19 to 59

1st: Paden Alexander, Time: 1:19:23

2nd: Michael Sitter, Time: 1:44:30

3rd: Thomas Parker, Time: 1:45:51

Male 60 and over

1st: Scott Craigle, Time: 1:48:13

2nd: Tom Halverson, Time: 1:49:46

Female 19 to 59

1st: Scarlet Kaplan, Time: 1:40:30

2nd: Molly Sitter, Time: 1:44:29

3rd: Brooke Hansen, Time: 1:57:21

7 Mile

Overall Top Finisher – Male

Mayhem Sitter, Time: 46:54

Overall Top Finisher – Female

Lauren Shima, Time: 1:09:13

Male 13 to 18

1st: Dillonger Omeasoo, Time 52:10

2nd: Harlon Leishman, Time: 1:11:28

3rd: Landry Leishman, Time 1:11:29

Male 19 to 59

1st: Mayhem Sitter, Time: 46:54

2nd: Ross Westfall, Time: 48:11

3rd: Kyle Carlee, Time: 51:39

Female 19 to 59

1st: Lauren Shima, Time: 1:09:13

2nd: Hillary Hanson, Time 1:26:19

4 Mile

Overall Top Finisher – Male

Jackson Duffey, Time: 22:45

Overall Top Finisher – Female

Olivia Heiner – Time: 32:13

Male 8 to 12:

1st: Jason Leishman, Time: 42:02

2nd: Kade Brockway, Time: 1:02:12 (age marked incorrectly in system)

3rd: Bo Brockway, Time: 1:02.19

Male 13 to 18:

1st: Isaac Floyd, Time: 42:59

2nd: Bo Johnston, Time: 43.01

3rd: Dylan Schock, Time: 47:23

Male 19 to 59:

1st: Jackson Duffey, Time: 22:45

2nd: Dillon McCardell, Time: 31:48

3rd: Darrell Overbay, Time; 33:12

Male 60 and over:

1st: Paul Soukup, Time: 35:24

2nd: Daniel Steiner, Time: 48:33

3rd: Jerry Hicks, Time: 57:39

Female 8 to 12:

1st: Marli Briggeman, Time: 54:11

2nd: Delilah Combs, Time: 1:10:53

Female 13 to 18:

1st: Olivia Heiner, Time: 32:13

2nd: Tahveya Matt, Time: 38:13

3rd: KeAnna Koenig, Time: 54:33

Female 19 to 59

1st: Karolyna Buck, Time: 32:17

2nd: Annie Aiken, Time: 36:15

3rd: Shannon Overbay, Time: 36:39

Female 60 and over

1st: Pat Bristol, Time: 40:39

2nd: Jill Ursua, Time: 42:36

3rd: Kelly Bick, Time: 51:59

1 Mile Fun Run:

Overall Top Finisher – Male
Craig Wheeler, Time: 10:37

Overall Top Finisher – Female

Amberly Wheeler, Time 10:36

Male 7 and under:

1st: Kyler Mcnutt, Time: 19:14

Male 8 to 12:

1st: Judah Hoffman, Time: 12:41

2nd: Crue Cordier, Time: 24:07

3rd: Cj Agustin, Time: 24:51

Male 13 to 18:

1st: Jake Helser

Male 19 to 59:

1st: Craig Wheeler, Time: 10:37

2nd: Pete Hofmann, Time: 12:42

3rd: Art Bourdon, Time: 24:06

Male 60 and Over

1st: Bob Bristol, Time: 19:21

2nd: Rob Brod, Time: 26:14

Female 7 and under

1st: Kenzie Peterson, Time: 16:33

Female 8 to 12

1st: Amberly Wheeler, Time: 10:36

2nd: Ivy Shock, Time: 17:41

3rd: Sarai Howard, Time: 23:14

Female 13 to 18

1st: Natalie Helser, Time: 12:16

2nd: Lola Schock, Time: 17:34

3rd: Anabell Schock, Time: 17:39

Female 19 to 59:

1st: Jillian Henrichon, Time: 12:23

2nd: Miesha Reevis, Time: 12:40

3rd: Molly Sabers, 16:31

Female 60 and over

1st: Mary Bradford, Time: 14:19

2nd: Valerie Umphrey, Time: 19:26

3rd: Peg Mattson, Time: 19:58

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© 2019 St. Luke Community Healthcare. All rights are reserved.