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Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy at St. Luke

Welcome to our Physical Therapy Department and Health and Fitness Center at St. Luke Community Healthcare. Our diverse and experienced physical therapists have a strong passion and commitment to providing comprehensive and customized care to meet specific needs and goals. The St. Luke Community Healthcare Physical Therapy team will help you get back to feeling great and doing the things you love.


Our physical therapy department offers a wide variety of services with many specialties not offered anywhere else in the valley. Outpatient physical therapy is provided in 2 locations including Ronan and Polson. We also offer service in our acute hospital setting and extended care facility. General treatment options include orthopedics, musculoskeletal dysfunction, neurological conditions, pediatrics, vestibular/balance, sports rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation, pre/postnatal, pre-employment screening, and ergonomic assessments.

Specialty services include wound care, pelvic rehabilitation, lymphedema care, joint manipulation and dry needling (links for FAQ or descriptions). Locations for services vary as they are therapist specific. Please be sure to check with the clinic when scheduling.


Specialty service that evaluates and treats acute and chronic edema using Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Since there is no cure for lymphedema, the goal of the therapy is to reduce the swelling and to maintain the reduction. For the majority of the patients this can be achieved by the skillful application of this therapy, which is safe, reliable and non-invasive. CDT shows good long-term results in both primary and secondary lymphedema; it consists of two phases and the following combined interventions including Manual Lymph Drainage and Compression Therapy.

Wound Care

Specialty service that evaluates and treats acute or chronic wounds. The most commonly treated wounds are caused by trauma, pressure, vascular insufficiency, surgery, neuropathy, and/or diabetes. Physical therapists are trained in sharp debridement, wound dressings, and tissue healing which makes them an excellent resource for the treatment of slow or non-healing wounds. Having a PT manage your wound(s) can prevent complications from the wound including infection, hospitalization, and amputation.

Pelvic Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can help treat pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissues to help them perform optimally and decrease symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunction can contribute to back, hip and leg disability and pain. Pelvic rehabilitation can treat pelvic pain, incontinence, constipation, sexual dysfunction, low back pain during pregnancy, postpartum pain, bladder and rectal prolapse, bedwetting, and pre/post pelvic surgical intervention rehabilitation.

Manual Therapy

Many of the physical therapists at St. Luke have had advanced training in joint mobilization and spinal manipulative therapy to treat dysfunction requiring this manual therapy techniques. Manual Therapy may also include Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) and Strain Counter-strain (SCS) to facilitate improved soft tissue and joint function.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a mechanical-device assisted manual therapy technique that is used in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction. Needling can be used for muscle, tendon, ligament, periosteal and/or peri-neural tissues to reduce pain and/or increase function. Several of the St. Luke physical therapists are trained in dry needling and have completed competency assessments to practice this safe and effective treatment.

We also offer a Health and Fitness Program to help patients achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle at our facility. All of our patients receive a free month of health and fitness after their last therapy session!

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