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Healthy Eating,

Active Living

A community collaborative project to help instill the concepts of Healthy Eating and Active Living through out the Mission Valley

Let’s Go! is a childhood obesity prevention program. The program uses evidence-based strategies to increase healthy eating and physical activity among children from birth to 18. The foundation for change is our 5-2-1-0 healthy habits message.

The St. Luke Community Clinics are currently using the Healthy Habits Questionnaire to gather basic healthy lifestyle information from our patients. Our providers have found that simply using and reviewing the questionnaire is a powerful tool for starting the conversation around healthy lifestyles for kids. One of the ways St. Luke is working to build healthy kids and residents of all ages – no matter where they live, work, play or learn is recommending the following resources for physical activity and nutrition.

Here is a list of activities to keep families fit, while having fun. 

Links to local activities are below under resources.

35 Fit, Fun & Mostly Free Activities for Kids

1. Go to the local high school track and run races

2. Go to trails or a playground and ride bikes with a picnic in tow

3. Have a fitness scavenger hunt. Tape fitness activities to scavenger hunt items (Do five push ups then find the next clue.)

4. Start a garden; weed and plant together

5. Play tag through the sprinklers

6. Swim in a pool, lake or ocean

7. Bodyboard in the small waves

8. Hike at a nature center, arboretum or small mountain

9. List favorite fitness activities on index cards and put in a box. Each family member pulls one card out of the box after each night (i.e. play catch, go for a walk, etc.)

10. Buy kites (and fly them)

11. Sign up for a 5K race with a kids race prior

12. Create a mini-Olympics with age appropriate activities

13. Play basketball, baseball, soccer or other favorite sports outside

14. Go bowling

15. Go mini-golfing

16. Go ice skating

17. Visit a zoo or museum and wear pedometers to see how many steps taken

18. Go fishing

19. Take a family karate class

20. Create an obstacle course with hula hoops, swing sets and tunnels

21. Play Wii, Xbox or other sports driven video games

22. Play Tag, Follow the Leader, Hopscotch, Four Square, the Hokey Pokey and Simon Says

23. After a rain (or during, if we’re daring), go puddle jumping

24. Create a new music playlist and have a dance party

25. Find a good family yoga DVD or kids class

26. Skating and scooting – rollerblade and scooter together

27. Play frisbee – young kids can use the soft ones

28. Jump rope

29. Play laser tag

30. Visit an indoor bounce house

31. Host a water balloon fight

32. Visit a fitness center (i.e. MyGym, YMCA, etc.)

33. Find an indoor climbing wall

34. Clean the house race – set a timer and see who can clean their room the quickest

35. Play outdoor BBQ games like horseshoes, shuffleboard or a bean bag toss


Local Healthy Activities

Polson Bay Golf Course

Head Over Heels Gymnastics

Mission Fitness

Mission Valley Aquatics 

Polson Youth Soccer 

Find a Race

Polson 7th Ave Skate Park

Lake County W.I.C Program

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© 2019 St. Luke Community Healthcare. All rights are reserved.