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Employee Benefits

Loan Repayment

As a NHSC and NURSE Corp Certified Site, eligible Physicians, Physician Assistants, Family Nurse Practitioners, and behavioral health professions can apply for loan repayment or a scholarship through the NHSC. Registered Nurses are eligible to apply for loan repayment or scholarships through NURSE Corp. Visit for more information about certified sites and to determine if you are eligible. * Employees can apply after 12 consecutive months of employment.*

Summary of Benefits

Earned TimeBank – St. Luke incorporates vacation, holidays, and a portion of the sick leave into a benefit bank. The number of hours earned is proportionate to the employees’ classification and hours worked. For example, full-time employees may earn 144 hours during their first year of employment, 184 hours their second year, 224 hours their third year, and after eight years, they may earn 264 hours per year. Earned TimeBank hours begin accruing with the first day of employment for a one-half, three-quarter, or full-time employee and may be used after completing 6 months of employment.

Extended Illness Bank – This is an additional benefit for an absence due to a single illness that extends past 24 consecutive scheduled hours. Compensation for the first 24 hours of an illness will be paid from the Earned TimeBank. Extended Illness Bank hours will be used to continue an employee’s regular pay for additional scheduled hours away from work due to the same illness. Hours accrue from the first day of employment for one-half, three-quarter, and full-time employees and may be used after completing 6 months of employment.

Pension – After one year of employment in a one-half, three-quarter, or full-time position, the following January 1st or July 1st, four percent of an employee’s base wage will be put into a Nationwide account(s) of their choosing. At any time, an employee may put tax-free money into his/her account through payroll deduction. There is also a Roth account available.

Group Term Life Insurance – The first of the month following 30 days of employment in a one-half, three-quarter, or full-time position, an employee will be eligible for $10,000 life insurance and $10,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment paid by St. Luke. The option for an employee to purchase additional insurance for himself/herself and his/her family is available.

Health Insurance – After completing 30 days of employment, an eligible employee will be enrolled the first of the following month in a traditional health insurance plan or a high deductible plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA). With the traditional plan, for new full-time employees, there is an $85.00 per month charge for the premium; one-half and three-quarter employees, who are new, will be charged a portion of the premium plus $81.00. After meeting the wellness program goal, an employee can buy down the $85.00 premium to $35.00 per month. With the high deductible plan, there is no premium for the employee, and after meeting the wellness program goal, St. Luke will contribute to your HSA.

Bereavement– One-half, three-quarter, and full-time employees who suffer a death in their immediate family may be granted up to 24 hours off with pay.

Jury Leave – One-half, three-quarter, and full-time employees will receive pay for any regularly scheduled hours missed up to eighty hours per jury session because of time spent on jury duty/selection. The compensation received from the court must be reimbursed to St. Luke.

Shift Differential – Employees who work a shift beginning between 3 pm and 11 pm will receive $2.50 per hour in addition to their regular wages. An employees’ shift that begins before 3 pm but ends after 6 pm will be paid shift differential for all hours worked after 3 pm. Between the hours of 11 pm through 7 am, employees receive $3.00 per hour extra.

Call Pay – Employees are paid $4.00 for each hour they are on call. The hours actually worked when called back will be paid at the overtime rate. One hour minimum time will be paid for callbacks of less than one hour.

Low Census Pay – Employees who report to work as scheduled and are excused due to Low Census may be eligible for Low Census Pay. Employees who have worked less than 2 hours and are sent home low census will receive a maximum of 2 hours pay, which will be a combination of time worked and Low Census Pay.

Short Notice Pay – Employees requested to work with less than eight hours notice in certain situations are eligible to be paid 1.5 hours short notice pay in addition to the appropriate pay for the actual hours worked.

Voluntary Insurances – After the completion of 30 days of employment, the first of the following month, an employee in a half-time, three-quarter or full-time position will be given the opportunity to purchase Vision, Dental, ID Shield, Short Term Disability, Sickness, Cancer, and Accident insurance for himself/herself and his/her dependents.

Employee Assistance – The Employee Assistance Program provides short-term, confidential counseling for employees, family members, and household members. There is also a Legal and Financial counseling benefit. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for these services.

Flexible Benefits Plan (FLEX) – FLEX provides an employee with the opportunity to save on insurance premiums, daycare expenses, and medical expenses, including vision and dental costs. For over-the-counter medications, a doctor’s prescription must be provided. The Medical Spending benefit is available after 6 months of employment; all others are available the first of the month after 30 days of employment.

Health and Fitness – After receiving a free evaluation by one of our Physical Therapists, employees will have access to the Physical Therapy and Cardiopulmonary Departments exercise equipment.

Lipid Panel and Glucose Test – Employees will receive a free lipid panel and glucose test annually on their anniversary month.

Specialty Certification Pay – Eligible employees will be paid a specialty certification differential.

Student Loan Repayment – St. Luke will pay up to $100.00 per month for an eligible employee.

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Our Community

Ronan, Montana

Ronan is in Lake County, Montana, in the United States. It lies on the Flathead Indian Reservation about 12 miles south of Flathead Lake in the northwestern part of the state. Originally called Spring Creek, Ronan’s name was changed in 1893 in honor of Major Peter Ronan, superintendent of the Flathead Indian Reservation. It serves as the hub of the agricultural community in the Mission Valley. Adorned with the beauty of the Mission Mountains and various sources of fishing and wildlife habitat, the community of more than 3,000 residents offers a variety of opportunities.

Polson, Montana

Polson lies in a natural amphitheater at the south end of Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana. Polson is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

This charming lakeshore community is the trading center for one of the most fertile farming areas in Montana. This prime cherry-growing region is home to dozens of orchards, which Polson celebrates with an annual Cherry Festival.

St. Ignatius, Montana

Located at the base of the majestic Mission Mountains on the Flathead Indian Reservation is St. Ignatius. Its most notable attraction, and a must-see, is the St. Ignatius Mission. This National Historic Site was built in 1891 by American Indians and Jesuit missionaries and is made out of bricks created from local clay. Adorning its walls and ceilings are 58 hand-painted murals by Brother Joseph Carignano-a self-taught artist who worked as the mission cook and handyman years ago. The area is also known for its stellar rock and ice climbing locations.

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