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Wrapped In Hope.

What is Wrapped in Hope?

At St. Luke, we believe all moms should be “wrapped in hope,” meaning we seek to fully support moms throughout their journey to motherhood and beyond.

In early 2015, Lake County and the Flathead Reservation’s healthcare and support service providers came together to develop solutions to substance use and mental health issues affecting our community’s youngest children and families. Out of this partnership, the Wrapped in Hope project was born.

This collaborative effort worked to improve care coordination for affected families with the goal of providing appropriate counseling and care before delivery, in the hospital setting and post-discharge through early intervention services.

Today, Wrapped in Hope works to address the needs of every pregnant mom and their family. Because of generous funding from the Montana Healthcare Foundation and the St. Luke Healthcare Foundation, we have been able to continue and expand the services Wrapped in Hope was built upon.

Through appropriate screening and personalized support, every mom will have access to the care they need – when and how they need it.

New OB patients can expect to have access to a Care Team that specializes in addressing the important needs of moms during a very important time.

Every mom will be screened for depression, anxiety, substance use, and social determinants of health, such as food security, transportation, and safety.

Known as “universal screening,” this practice is increasingly becoming the standard of care for pregnant mothers, so healthcare providers can ensure they get the best care possible, right from the start of their pregnancy.

Shortly after the first OB appointment, St. Luke’s Care Navigator will be in touch to discuss the services that are available at St. Luke and in the community. Our goal is to connect moms to the services that best fit their needs. Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way!

Services include:

That first appointment when they told me about the program, I was really sketched out. Why should these people care if another kid goes into the system? Why do they want to help me? At first, I thought they just want me to sober up because they know I’ll mess up and they just want to take my baby away. I was skeptical. These people didn’t know me, but they wanted to help me…Why? I decided to stick with the program. I felt like they were pure and genuine and that was really clear when everyone was so supportive and not judgmental of me.

From a Wrapped in Hope mom

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